“At choicelunch, we are dedicated to providing kids with healthier ingredients.  Healthier entrees.  Healthier futures..”

At The Sand Castle, we believe that a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet are essential parts of a good day in the classroom.  To that end, we have selected Choicelunch as our hot lunch provider.  They offer minimally processed food with wholesome ingredients that we can read.  Their seasoned chefs create house-made meals from their kitchen to your child’s plate.

To learn more about choiclunch, click on their banner above.

Program Registration Details, Deadlines, and General Information

Click on the attachment below to download/view choicelunch program information.

Choicelunch New User Registration:

  1. Visit www.choicelunch.com.
  2. Click Signup.
  3. Enter parent information.
  4. Add students.
  5. Select “Learning Castle” from La Canada-Flintridge schools.
  6. Repeat for each student.

Access your account anytime at www.choicelunch.com.