Two Year Olds have many opportunities to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the playground. They also begin more structured activities, such as learning centers and circle time. Your toddler will begin learning concepts of color and size, and will build their vocabulary.

Our staff understands the challenges that two-year-olds face in a social learning setting, and have experience in helping them adjust to the give and take of the classroom environment.

Language & Literacy

Books, songs and activities help children become comfortable with language and grow their vocabulary.


Children start to develop basic self-help skills and begin to socialize by engaging in parallel play.

Creative Expression

Toddlers sing songs, move to music, and develop fine motor skills by painting and drawing.


Toddlers begin to recognize shapes, colors and numbers through toys, games and basic puzzles.


Toddlers make major strides in balance, coordination and fine motor skills during their very active days.