Science Fair Awards

Two special awards assemblies were held on Friday, February 6th,  to recognize all the students who participated in this year’s science fair. The first, held at 1:30 p.m., recognized the 120 students in kindergarten through second-grade who voluntarily presented a project.  The second, at 2:45 p.m., recognized the top three projects in third, fifth and seventh grades along with honorable mentions and merit award winners.

Steve Miller, the head science teacher for seventh and eighth grades, told those in attendance that, “The science fair is a celebration of the power of reason as well as of science. Students are encouraged to test and measure their ideas and to draw conclusions pragmatically--skills that are valuable in everyday life, transferable to any discipline, and not restricted to a particular age group.”

Merit Awards, for those projects not recognized by the judges but deemed worthy of recognition by the science department, were given to third graders, Addison Ashton, Christina Constantinou, Kaylen Mirzaian, Jamie Soleimani and Brendan Yanabu; fifth graders, Alec Gharibian, Aleen Kalindjian, Nicole Mirzaian, Alexa Sen and Ella Shenouda; and seventh graders, Julianna Bayramyan, Adrianna Currier, Davis Goldman, Sofia Mireles, Ashley Peterson, Andre Shirvanian and Maddy Valderrama. Honorable Mentions were handed out to third graders, Adrienne Basham, Sophia Garcia, Liana Isaiants, Jeff Kirkland, Warren Nam, Katherine Ward and Sofie Wong; fifth graders, Amin Al-Jazayrly, Paris Esmailian, Joshua Li and Amadi Weser; and seventh graders, Daisy Cushenberry, Andrew Jerome, Lily Labellarte and Tenny Malekian. Third place honors went to third graders, Becca Cadogan, Nairi Keshishian and Rohit Lakshman; fifth graders, Patrick Aghabegian and Andrew Thein; and seventh graders, Jack Elliott and Arineh Ovanessian.  Second place went to third graders, Victoria Adams, Jules De Soto and Caroline Smatko; fifth grader, Jasper Bagley; and seventh grader, Reece Turner. First-place honors went to third graders, Haik Isaiants, Peter Panossian and David Yacoub; fifth grader, Lana Lim; and seventh grader, Nico King.