The Knightly News for Summer 2017


A Bright Future


A Sneak Peek at the New School Year

We are very excited to announce some fantastic new changes and improvements for the students at The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory for the upcoming school year. Our students will be able to enjoy facility upgrades as well as dynamic schedule changes that will maximize productivity and provide more physical activity opportunities without sacrificing academic learning time.


New Schedules

La Cañada Prep will return to a Monday-thru-Friday schedule, which realigns with The Learning Castle’s schedule. The six-day rotating schedule, which is currently popular with most high schools, has its benefits, but we have come to the conclusion that a five-day schedule is more conducive to the sensibilities of the students and the overall management goals at an elementary school level.



Improved Play Areas

The old GaGa ball pit will be replaced with a new modular model in the Foothill Yard. Additional modular play structures will be added to both the Foothill Yard and the yard behind the main office to provide more diverse play opportunities. The basketball court will also be available for students to use during Zero Period and during the free-play period following the after-school homework program.


Fifth-Grade Junior Varsity Opportunities

While fifth-grade students have already had the opportunity to participate in both varsity and junior varsity tennis, for the first time, they will now have the opportunity to participate in all interscholastic sports. They are invited to compete on the junior varsity flag football (boys), junior varsity basketball (boys and girls), junior varsity volleyball (girls), and varsity soccer (boys and girls) teams.


More Field Play Time for TLC Kids

The lunch period for The Learning Castle students will be extended by fifteen minutes allowing Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple students access to the field every day during their lunchtime.

TLC students will also have an extended supervised play time from 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. This is in addition to the morning snack and break time and the three weekly PE classes: group sports, dance and tennis.


New Zero Period, Snack and Lunchtime Student Groupings

In order to allow students to socialize with a broader community of their peers, they will be grouped together as follows: (third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and seventh and eighth grades) during Zero Period, snack and lunch. Please note that third-grade students will no longer be crossing over to The Learning Castle campus during lunchtime because of the valuable playtime lost crossing the street.


Restroom Facilities Upgrades

The remodel of the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms is currently being completed. Two additional bathrooms for boys and girls are on the docket and will be completed by the beginning of the new school year. This will allow us to separate the bathroom facilities for lower grades (third thru fifth) from the upper grades (sixth thru eighth).



La Cañada Preparatory Class of 2017

Congratulations to our hard-working and talented 8th-grade students who graduated on Thursday, June 1. Students in this year’s class received over $200,000.00 in scholarship money and were accepted to the following private schools: AGBU, Campbell Hall, Dunn, Flintridge Prep, Flintridge Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, La Salle, Loyola, Maranatha, Mayfield, Notre Dame, Providence, St. Francis, Troy, Villanova, Waverly, Webb and Westridge.



In Praise of the TLC and LCP Experience


We always appreciate hearing back from students and parents who came to LCP from other schools and are able to compare their experiences here with their previous ones. We would like to share some of the heartfelt testimonials with you on a regular basis. The following is a letter we received from Mr. and Mrs. Lahey, whose son Charlie joined LCP in Sixth Grade and graduated this past spring:

We encourage all parents to consider enrolling their students at La Cañada Prep. Our son Charlie recently graduated 8th Grade and had the most positive peer group and learning experience. This is the place to send your children if you seek high standards and success for your children. We cannot imagine having made any other choice for our son.

We had lived in Arcadia for many years for its esteemed public school district, but were not impressed with the behavior of the peer group nor with the teaching philosophy. We relocated to Glendale and enrolled Charlie at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School where classrooms were overcrowded, class schedules were inconsistent due to furlough days, drop-off and pick-up were stress-inducing, and the afterschool program consisted of free-play outdoors with no focus on academic coaching.





We also received the following letter from Kristen Mariotti, the director of admissions at FSHA, one of the prestigious destination schools for our graduating students:

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is thrilled to welcome their new group of girls from La Cañada Prep to the Hill this fall! The six students who will be attending are talented in many ways, and we cannot wait to see what they do at FSHA! They are scholars, athletes, artists and girls who are committed to their communities. Most important, they are kind and compassionate girls who will add to the incredibly caring environment we enjoy at FSHA. We are very proud to have students from La Cañada Prep and look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.